Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a credit card. How can I join?

Please proceed with our primary payment processor by following the ‘JOIN’ link. You will find alternative payment options, for example a Direct Debit option. Alternatively, on some sites we also offer to join with Bitcoin. Please check the main menu of the site that you wish to join for the Bitcoin payment link.

I want to join, but my credit card is rejected. Why?

For privacy reasons, we do not receive detailed information from our payment processor, if or why a credit card has been rejected. However, please contact us, we can provide an alterative payment processor that might work for you.

What will be the payment transaction text on my credit card statement?

This depends on the billing processor that we use at the time when you join, but under all circumstances it will be a neutral transaction text which will refer to the name of the billing processor, but will not contain any information about the site that you actually joined.

I don't want any recurring charges on my credit card.

Please simply choose one of our non-recurring membership options. Alternatively, if you choose a recurring membership option, you can cancel your membership at any time, please read next question.

Apart from the membership payment, are there any additional costs or fees?

Absolutely not. The entire content of our entire members area is included in your membership payment, no extra costs or charges.

I just joined, but my login is rejected and/or I receive an error code.

First, please make sure that you are using the correct login information. Please take note that the usernames and passwords on our sites are case-sensitive, e.g. ' pASSword ' is not the same like ' passWORd '. Please also make sure that you do not type any additional characters - including spaces - at the beginning or at the end of your username or password. We recommend that you copy/paste your login data from your membership confirmation email. Usually your username and password are active immediately after you joined. In some very rare cases though, it can happen that your membership data requires around 5 minutes until it becomes available for login. If your login still does not work after 5 minutes, please contact us right away, we will look into this immediately.

My login worked well before, now it no longer does.

The most common reasons are that your membership was non-recurring and has expired now, or our billing processor was not able to extend your recurring membership. Either way please feel free to contact us, we will look into this immediately.

Is there a download limit in your members area?

Absolutely not. We do not limit or throttle your download speed or volume.

Can I use a Download Manager?

Yes, you can. We do not block download managers. Please take note though that starting too many simultaneous downloads at the same time in a download manager, might affect the transfer speed for each individual file.

How can I cancel a recurring membership?

Upon joining our site, you receive a membership confirmation email from our billing processor, which will contain information about how to cancel your membership conveniently on their web site. Alternatively, if you don't receive or cannot find this email, please simply contact us, we will process your membership cancellation immediately on your behalf.

I have another question that is not covered above.

Simply contact us, we are here every day of the week :)

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